Made for Puppy's who are itching to bite down on something. Tested to insure durability this knot will not break. Simple toy that will always amuse your dog. Comes in a random color.    

  • 4 Way Lockable Door

    4 Way Lockable Door

    Give your pet the freedom to come and go as he or she pleases with this cat flap that has a 4 way locking system.Slide the locks on the bottom of the flap to set the door to one of the following:Pet can only enter from the outside but not go out againPet can go out but can not get back in (for preventing other cats also entering)Flap is locked from both sidesFlap is completely open and cat can come and go at willThe  flap is easy to install and suitable for any wall or door that is up to 50mm thick. Suitable for small dogs & Cats



    Comes in multiple varieties. High Grade Design Quality Please measure your dog, in order to ensure proper fit size collar width neck scarf length scarf width S 1.0cm 18-28cm 13cm 9cm M 1.5cm 20-34cm 17cm 11cm L 1.5cm 30-50cm 26cm 16cm



    Material: Polyester; Size: S/M/L Anti-slip latex on the bottom for safety and warm and soft for your pets to go through winter. Bow tie printed socks with cute paw pads. Protect timber floors from scratching. Breathable and sooth, without any allergy to your pet. 1 set including 4pcs socks, wont miss a single paw.

  • Adventure Carrier Bag

    Adventure Carrier Bag

    This fashionable pet carrier bag is specially designed for your lovely pet. With the help of this, you won't worry about losing your cat while going out. Compact and convenient, the Double Shoulder Pet Carrier Bag is a good companion for your kitty's outdoor activities. Take your cat wherever you go with this comfy carrier bag. The back and shoulder straps are equipped with extra thick padding for more comfort during long trips. It comes in five colors and two different size. Made of 100% Nylon. Breathable meshed design. Adjustable opening size. Suitable for all small pets. 

  • animal squeakers

    animal squeakers

    Soft & CuteComes in 3 varities



    The Banana Cat Bed features a peelable banana peel that allows your cat to sneak in and out while still having the privacy they require. Just peel open the top layer of the peel to sneak a peek at your kitty snoozing inside. Intended for small pets only.

  • Berry beds

    Berry beds

    Foldable Design. Cotton Lining. Non Slip Bottom. Hand Stitched. Comes in multiple colors.

  • bubble jackets

    bubble jackets

    Trendy Jackets.Multiple different styles.Easy to put on & Super soft.Please refer to the last picture if unaware of pets measurements.



    Adorable cat plush doll that helps cats sleep. They tend to nibble and rest with the doll in their paws. Comes in multiple colors. 100% Soft & Cozy.



    Guaranteed to keep your pets nice and cozy in our cave bed. Made from Plush & Cotton. Easy to clean. Comes in multiple colors.  



    Bite resistant  100% Cotton Cute Designs

  • Collapsible Funnel

    Collapsible Funnel

    Cats who love to play will love this cat tunnel, which matches the cat's natural drill.When you are not playing, you can pack it up and not occupy your space.A ball can be hung in the middle of the tunnel to increase the cats attention.Multiple Varieties.

  • Corduroy Fabric Toys

    Corduroy Fabric Toys

    These Corduroy Fabric Dog Toys are the best chew toys for your kennels. These are designed for dogs who like to tug, shake and squeak their toys. These plush toys are made of a soft but strong material that helps them floss and clean teeth during play time.Give your dogs a toy for them to stay sound, happy and occupied when you're not around. This toy will make a loud and clear sound when a dog bites it, will attract the attention of pets. Made from high-quality taffeta and rope-like material so it's durable and tear resistant against most small to medium sized dogs! The cute vivid animal d...



    Knitted 100% Pure Cotton Sweater that will keep your pets nice and warm. Comes in multiple colors. Cute & Simple. Please measure your pet before hand to insure a suitable fit. Refer to our last picture if unaware on how to measure properly.

  • Cushion Pouch

    Cushion Pouch

    Features durable PU, Canvas and breathable mesh: Durable and lightweight. This pet shoulder bag provides a cool and comfortable place for your pet’s staying.Adjustable drawstring: Allow your pet easily obtaining fresh air and have enough space through adjusting the tightness.Strap buckle, built-in hook and Velcro closure ensure the safety during transport. Hook can be attached to pet’s collar. Wide shoulder strap: With the soft padded strap, you can make your shoulder feel comfortable while carrying your pet for a walk.Zippered opening for easy access: You can carry your pet for walks, hike...